Wishful Thinking CD
Patient Sixty-Seven

Wishful Thinking CD

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Release Date: Friday July 22nd 2022

***ORIGINAL PRINT*** FINAL copies of our debut LP 'Wishful Thinking' in a jewel CD case. 

Just leave a note at checkout if you'd like us to sign the album!

Thank you for supporting the release of our first full-length album! 


1) Stay Paranoid II

2) Scattered

3) Fatebringer (featuring Brian Wille of Currents)

4) Try Hard

5) Feel Alive (featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens)

6) Wayfarer

7) Who You Chose to Be (featuring Joey Varela of VRSTY)

8) Damage Plan

9) Fault Line

10) Colours (featuring Julian Comeau of Loveless)