About Our Band

Patient Sixty-Seven - the Perth metalcore underdogs turning heads around the world, are ready for the next chapter. 

Coming off a career and memorable few years for the band, including the successful release of their debut album ‘Wishful Thinking’ charting on both Billboard (USA) & ARIA (AU) while also topping the national Metal iTunes Charts as a purely independent act.

Patient have also ventured across the country for multiple headline tours and sell out shows around Australia, building a truly special connection with the bands supporters.

Despite hailing from one of the most isolated cities in the world - the band has built themselves into one of the more promising and entertaining bands in the genre today. 

Armed with nothing but a heartfelt passion for heavy music, a love for memes and an ever growing group of supporters (coined as the largest group of bass players known to exist) - the band has garnered and connected with their supporter base like no other, creating a community of empowerment around mental health, self care, and using the power of music to overcome.

The group's new music will continue to showcase the band at their best, building on the success of the full length and follow up singles, which saw the band release fan favorite tracks such as Scattered, Feel Alive and Lake Valley, infusing the best elements of both heavy, and melodic. 


Patient Sixty-Seven brings the best elements of the genre to the forefront, pairing powerful lyrical delivery with melody, brutality and catchiness. 

Stay tuned and see what's next for the band who have proven that heart and passion for what you still matters above all else. There's so much more to come from Patient Sixty-Seven.

Patient Sixty-Seven have amassed a huge 10 million+ total streams + over 100,000 monthly listeners and have racked up impressive achievements including artist for Homegrown & Heavy, playlist spots on New Core, New Metal Tracks, Metal Covers, New Blood & More on Spotify, placement on Apple Music playlists Breaking Hard Rock & Heaps Heavy.

The band has also been featured as Tidal playlist cover artist on Rising Metal and hit the international radio waves on Sirius XM and idobi radio, and back home on triple J across Short Fast Loud & Home & Hosed + Rotation on triple J Unearthed.

 Patient Sixty-Seven is:

Tom Kiely - Vocals / Rory Venville - Guitar/Vocals / Declan Le Tessier - Guitar / Richard Alexander - Drum