Live at Oracle: Streaming Event (Digital Download)
Live at Oracle: Streaming Event (Digital Download)
Live at Oracle: Streaming Event (Digital Download)
Live at Oracle: Streaming Event (Digital Download)
Live at Oracle: Streaming Event (Digital Download)
Patient Sixty-Seven

Live at Oracle: Streaming Event (Digital Download)

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LIVE AT ORACLE (Digital Download Bundle)

*All ticket purchases will receive:*
- HD download of the performance  + interview feature to enjoy on demand
- A full digital download of the live EP 

Hello! We're Patient Sixty-Seven, a metalcore band based out of Perth, Australia.
So - as you might have heard, the last 18 months have been no small challenge for the music industry - in particular live music.
Well, just before the pandemic hit our shores - we released our brand new EP 'Home Truths' - and like so many other bands, became stuck in a really tough spot when live shows dried up.
We did manage to play the full launch only a week before venues started closing - and it was one of the best nights of our lives, celebrating the release of the EP with our friends, family and band mates.
Our plans to tour the record quickly changed. As has been the case with all the venues, managers, artists and fans doing it tough during this period - we weren't sure how things would work out moving forward.
But something did happen between then and now.
We kept going. We kept releasing new music, we became lucky to connect with so many amazing people online who loved music like we of our music and music as a whole.
It brought us together.
With each passing week, we would spend more and more time talking to people from all over the globe - who in a non-COVID world, we'd be making every effort to go and perform for.
It became about more than just putting out music, and being in a band.

It became about connecting with people, sharing stories, interests and friendship - with our music as such a big part of that.
We're so very grateful for that.
We planned to make our return to the stage in April this year (with touring plans to follow) - before a snap lockdown on the evening of the show hours before doors brought it all to a stand still for us again.
We had all these big plans to release more music, and play more shows than ever before - but it was becoming clear COVID wouldn't allow any sort of certainty.
SO we decided we would bring our live show to you.

Wherever you are in the world.
Playing our first ever recorded set. Songs spanning our catalogue up to the release of Home if you were seeing us open a set up on a cross-country tour. (6 songs in total)
We wanted to do this to give every single person who likes our band, the chance to see us perform.
So with the help of our good friends Elliot Charleston (P67's official photographer), Jay Huxtable (Oracle Sound) and Matt Fennell (What A Mess Productions) - we got to work and put together a performance we're proud of.
And make it a celebration of all the friends we've made since we released Home Truths, as a thank you for making our journey as a band so special...even in the most uncertain of times.
There's some cool things happening with the performance, so please grab a ticket and come hang out with us!

Video Production by Matt Fennell
Audio by Jay Huxtable of Oracle Sound
Additional Photography by Elliot Charleston